Helping Teacher Creators make transformatonal Cohort Based Courses

howtocbc was co-founded by Aruna and Gautham in October 2021 to help Teacher Creators build premium Cohort Based Courses.

Who are Teacher Creators?

Teachers who wish to be come Creators and Creators who wish to become Teachers.

Besides runnig a course to help creators make Cohort Based Courses, we also write a free fortnightly newsletter for aspiring CBC creators.

We're always up for chat and you can schedule a call with us here.




Gautham has been a serial entrepreneur in the ed-tech domain for over 8 years.

After launching his first Cohort Based Course back in 2015, he went on to start where Cohort Based Courses (CBCs) in over 10 differrent domains have been launched. Over 5000 students have been trained by Pupilfirst across 16 cohorts till date.

Gautham is also a graduate of the Maven Cohort 3, an advanced accelerator program for course creators designed by Wes Kao

At howtocbc, he's now on a mission to enable Teacher Creators design and launch their first Cohort Based Course.

He's always up for chat and you can schedule a call with him here.


Aruna K PhD

Scientist and Pedagogy Expert
ex-Harvard University

Aruna has more than 7 years of experience teaching STEM courses at college and high school levels both in India and the US. In her previous avatar, Aruna was a post doc and lecturer at Harvard University.

Aruna takes an active interest in pedagogy principles - Backward Design, Evidence-based teaching and Active learning.

At howtocbc, she's helping creators help structure their knowledge into CBCs using advanced pedagogical techniques